GameOn Berlin

GameOn Berlin is a new Arcade Center in Berlin. They offer Arcades like TEKKEN, Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Dance Dance Revolution and much much more! Besides the Arcades there is an entire E-Sports Floor downstairs. 

Prepare for epic Arcade fights while our Tournaments!



Geeky Goon Squad

Geeky Goon Squad is Europe's best streamer. He is notorious for his expertise and will be present to stream the entire event, which enables us to provide you an excellent streaming quality.





Panda Games Berlin

The founder of PPT goes full Gaming now! Besides Smash we will be able to offer a lot of other Events now. With the help of Nintendo Germany we even can host Release Events now and then! If You're interested in Gaming Events in Berlin or Germany, you can leave them a follow!



Why should you visit ppt?


Why should You attend PPT?


  • This time PPT is part of the European Smash 4 Pro Circuit Qualifier!  You will get the chance to qualify for the final Event and collect points for that!
  • Our Venue! GameOn Berlin is both, an E-Sport temple and an Arcade Location!

    So you will be able to play not only smash, but also Arcades like Dance Dance Revolution, Tekken and much more! Even Oldschool Arcades like Mario Kart or Pacman can be played

  • Berlin, it's not only Germany's capital City, it's also an very popular Metropol! And on top its one of the cheapest City's in Germany. Food, accommodation and traveling is not going to cost you as much, as you probably are used to

  • Our TO Team! Besides the Panda Gaming Squad, we do have Team Calyptus and Sweetspot Asbl to secure a high quality event!

  • Professional Stream, GeekyGoonSquad will provide as usual, a high quality stream

  • Top Players! on PPT you will always get the chance to meet players from other countries and gain player experience!

  • The Berlin Community,  they are not only strong, they are very nice and friendly too! Fun is guaranteed! Also it's easier to find housing in Berlin, than in any other region here!

  • Nintendo Support, we do not only get prizes from Nintendo, they also provide us different Game Stations, to have not only Smash Events. Like this we will be able to offer a lot of Nintendo Switch Side Events!

  • 3 Days of Smash! You will have 3 Days to play, freeplay, try arcades and hang out with the community. 

  • A lot of Set-Ups. Thanks to BenQ Zowie we will be able to provide additional 32 High Quality Screens! Like this we will be able to provide a lot of Freeplay and Warm-Up Set-Ups!

  • Raffles! We do have a lot of different raffles, so we can give everyone the opportunity to win something!

All this and much more are making PPT to an unique experience. Be sure do not miss it!