October 27.-29. 2017

A new tournament is approaching!

Pandali's Pandemonium Tournament (Short: PPT) is a new series of tournaments, that had it debut on March 2016. It was held in Munich, now in Berlin and was initially created to push and strenghten the german Smash community. In order to create a sophisticated tournament we put much effort into providing a location where the players can compete devoutly. German, as well as international players, are invited to join this event and to let us experience their fighting spirit. Smash4 and Brawl - these two competitive games are going to be played at our tournament. Smash4 will be the main event but Brawl players won't miss out on anything. We will give our best to satisfy your expectations and meet your demands. This event, as it is planned to be part of a tournament series, is not supposed to be the last, so it is our ambition to give you enough reason to be part of the following events too. Melee Events are planned...