Our Location: E-Sport Club Munich


If you bring along a camping mat and a sleeping bag you can sleep in the venue which covers a surface of 500 square meters. The location is at any time at room temperature, so it is never going to be too cold or too warm. You can also rent a hotel room. The E-sport Club cooperates with a hotel nearby. This hotel offers a special price of 59€ for a twin room. You can get more information from the website:
1A Business Hotel Baldham



We provide Wi-Fi which you can access at any time.







You can bring your own food and drinks.

You can eat upstairs at the Healthbar and buy a bottle from our venue and refill your own drinks you brought!

You are not allowed to drink from your own bottles at the venue!

If you want to rent or buy a bottle it'll cost 10€!

You can get your money back if you bring back the chip they will give you as soon as you rent one! 
No chip no money back!

For every bottle you buy you get one drink free! *10€ but no chip


The E-Sport Club itself offers Drinks and Cocktails.

So feel free to zip on a Falcon Punch after Top 8!


There is also Kebap upstairs that also offers pizza and more!

We cooperate with this restaurant,

make sure to bring your event ticket and get discount on food and drinks!





Shopping possibility:


The metro station, the hotel and several shopping possibilities are easily accessible by foot (10-15 minutes). There you can buy nutrition and find accommodation.

Please consider that the shops are closed on sunday , so you need to do your purchasing on Saturday or Friday.

The stores close at 8PM.