PPM Berlin - a Monthly series

A new Monthly Series came to life!

With the main TO of PPT moving to Berlin, the Tournament series will continue with a brand new Monthly! The PP-Crew won 3 new co-TO's who will help to run and organize the Monthly-Series. Besides Serenity(Pandali) Sodrek, Tuna, Faith and Mvelous joined the Crew to make this happen! Berlins strongest player will come together every month to show their skills. Show us what you've got and grow as a player to earn an entrance in the new PPM Ranking! If you're around, confirm and stop by to prove your skills! The Berlin Community is waiting for you.


We're streaming either on Penta.tv or on GeekyGoonSquad!
We do the best to provide the best production possible! Please follow those channels, so you don't miss out any tournaments!



Our Venue "GameOn Berlin" is Germany's only Arcade and E-Sport Center. With over 500 square meters we have enough space for our players.

The upper floor is filled with Japanese Arcades like Taiko Drums, Tekken, Dance Dance Revolution and much more!

Additionally we have free parking slots, free wifi and a bistro, where our attendees can buy food and drinks. Own Food and drinks are permitted, but to support our venue we would appreciate every single drink you buy!


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